A Bolivian within the best 20 photographers in the region! Wara Vargas

UPDATE as of November 23, 2012: Wara won the second prize!! For that Spanish news, please click here!

Congratulations to Wara Vargas!! and welcome to The Hall of Bolivian Fame; Anahi Cazas reports for Pagina Siete:

American contest chose the work of Wara Vargas

Bolivian is among the 20 best photographers in the region

CREDIT: the artist participated in the Latin American Photography contest earlier this year. She is part of the team of reporters of Pagina Siete.

Anahi Cazas / La Paz – 09/20/2012

Excited. So was yesterday, the photographer and Bolivian artist Wara Vargas after receiving the news that her photo entitled disability [DiscapacidadES – playing woht the language and the meaning: disabilities and ‘it is disability’] was one of the 20 chosen by the jury of the Latin American Photography contest. The image will form part of a publication and a virtual exhibition that will be presented in November in New York.

Vargas, who also is part of the team of photojournalists of Pagina Siete, took part in the competition with a total of seven images, some taken during her journalistic work and others are artistic.

The image selected by the jury was captured during the clashes of the disabled with the police, which occurred earlier this year in the Plaza Murillo. “It was a very tough coverage.” When I took that picture, I did not believe that it could impact so much. “I only wanted to reflect the fact,” said Vargas.

“I’m proud that my work has been selected among several photographs of Latin America,” said the photographer, who will travel to New York (USA) to present the image chosen in the annual meeting of the company American Illustration – American Photography, organizer of the contest, in November.

The enterprise is one of the most important in the United States. “The event is one of the most anticipated of the year because it brings together photographers, illustrators and most important publishers in the world,” she explained.

Vargas, also reported that that picture will be published in a book next to the work of the other 19 winners. Pictures will also be part of a sample that will be hung in a virtual gallery which will be found on the website http://www.ai-ap.com. “the portal receives more than 200 visitors a day and will be the promotion folder of the photographers”, was read.

If there is something of what Vargas is proud is that her photograph was selected by renowned editors of magazines and printed media of the USA. Among the members of the jury were Guga Ketzar, director of the Loducca Agency; Lisa Vosper, Director of Latina Magazzine; Andrés Tascon, JC Penney’s, and Michele Egiziano, Photo and Art Director.

Her career

Work: Wara Vargas started her professional career as a photographer of the weekly newspaper La Época and ABC News Agency eight years ago. Now is part of the team of Pagina Siete newspaper.

Works: her work has been in group exhibitions such as “Foto-grafica” [“Photo-graphic”] (2006) and 25 years of democracy (2007). She recently presented at Musef, her exposition “Lecturas” [“Readings”].


Congratulations Wara Vargas!

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