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Bolivia and the USA will restore their Ambassadors, February 29, 2012

Pagina Siete and AFP report:

Bolivia and United States took a decisive step to improve its deteriorating relations with the announcement of a forthcoming revival of ambassadors, main conclusion of the first meeting of a high-level Commission which launched a Convention binational framework.

“In recognition of his decision to renew and advance relations, Bolivia and United States confirmed their intention to restore their ambassadors in Washington, D.C. and in La Paz”, whom were removed from November 2008, said a joint statement released at the end of the meeting, although there is no date  specified for this.

“We enter multilateral affairs: fight against narcotics, investment, exchange of ambassadors, which must be something important”, summed up the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for United States, Kevin Whitaker.

Whitaker and the Bolivian Minister of planning, Viviana Caro, spearheaded the 1st meeting of the Joint Commission of high level. There was discussed “a number of views related to the bilateral agenda (..)” “in supporting strong and deep relationships, with respect for the sovereignty of the two States”, according to the statement.

I hope that regular relations be restored, fight against narcotrafficking improves and ATPDEA is restored for the benefit of our textile exports to the USA.