Juan Carlos Aduviri won best actor award in Poland

Pagina Siete article, written by Anahi Cazas, gives us great news, Bolivian actor Juan Carlos Aduviri has won another international recognition. The picture shows one scene of the movie:

A few hours until the end of 2011, year in which his career as a professional actor took off, the actor Juan Carlos Aduviri, who lives in El Alto, learned he won the “award for best actor” at the International Festival Grand Off 2011, in Poland, for his performance in the film Salar (salt plain), which was filmed in 2010 in Bolivia.

“[They] confirmed me that I was the winner and I am very happy to continue representing the country,” claimed Aduviri to Pagina Siete. While the Grand Off ceremony was held on December 10th, at the Warsaw Teatr in the Polish capital, the winner in one of the main categories received the good news, just a few days ago.

Salar is a short film shot in the Salar de Uyuni in 2010. It is a British-American co-production directed by British filmmaker Nicholas Greene, who teaches at the film school in New York.

The film, which lasts about 24 minutes, recounts the encounter between Marc, an American physician, and Carlos, a Bolivian miner who discriminates against overseas, but “by coincidences of life, soon afterwards ends with a stricken hand and needs to request the assistance of the gringo”, tells the actor that in 2011 was nominated as a newcomer to the Goya Awards in Spain, thanks to its role in the film También la lluvia (even the rain).

All the scenes of the Salt Lake were recorded in the Salar de Uyuni, nearby towns and the city of Potosí, where Greene and a team of actors, technicians and specialists from various cinematographic branches arrived.

Remembers the young actor from El Alto, “once they proposed to me the filming, we went immediately with a fairly large team to the Salar de Uyuni, where we recorded for straight 13 days”. For the interpreter who is also dedicated to teach acting, portraying his character “was a real challenge, because I had to embody a person who has prejudice that all foreigners and all white skinned people come to exploit farmers and indigenous Peoples”.

“This paper shows a reverse side of the traditional discrimination;” “a discrimination from the indigenous  against the white”, explains Aduviri.


Kudos for Juan Carlos Aduviri, he reaffirms his talent as actor! Kudos for the British and American movie makers who bought about Bolivia and portrayed reverse discrimination, which is currently happening and is “promoted” in the last six years and has caused unnecessary turmoil and bad feelings among Bolivians.

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