Visit beautiful Chiquitos, Santa Cruz

Tourism in Bolivia has TOO MUCH to offer, today I will talk about the dry forest in Chiquitos, Santa Cruz. El Deber has sponsored a trip for students, and I believe it is there for anyone to enjoy,  marvelous nature (beautiful pictures can be seen from the link below) we have so close to us, excerpts from the article follow:

See the Sunrise, hear the birds singing, feel the humidity in the forest, walking trails with variations in soil, stopping to savor the wild as the cayú or the paquió fruit, take freshwater marshes of the slopes and register the beautiful landscapes… a trip to take a look of the real immensity of the protected areas of Santa Cruz de la Sierra.
2014-07-21 08.59.45 amNear San Jose de Chiquitos, you can find the Park of Natural history Santa Cruz La Vieja, El Mirador, El Valle de la Luna, Miradores la Motañeta (lookouts), the Museum of San Jose and the trail La Pauroca.

In Robore, the Chochís shrine, the Bridal Veil and Aguas Calientes. In Santiago de Chiquitos, which is part of Roboré, there is the extraordinary reserve of the Valley of Tucabaca.

El Deber along with the support of sponsors like Avina, European Union, Ferroviaria Oriental, Rediscovery Bolivia, Friends of the Nature (FAN) and Nur University; made this training for students possible; along with the participation of the office of Governor of Santa Cruz and the municipalities of San José de Chiquitos and Roboré.
You can reach San Jose and Robore by road, train or small planes. Check with your Bolivian tourist agencies to plan accordingly. The region is also house of the great Chiquitano Baroque Catholic Churches, there is an international baroque music festival every two years; groups from Europe and as far as Japan come to play in this wonderful setting. Chiquitano people have preserved the baroque music, brought by the Jesuit missions; they build their own violins and play them wonderfully. Beautiful crafts can be bought and a visit to the beautiful churches is also a must.
If you wonder what the Jesuit missions meant and how did they look back in time, you can watch the movie The Mission with Robert de Niro.

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