Bolivia is burning and we need your help! PLS donate, TKS!

There are two alternatives:

How to help Bolivia:

#Repost @waterthruskin (@get_repost)
Our world is currently in flames and nobody is doing anything about it. Therefore, we have chosen to take over social media. Disrupt it. Use it for a force of good. Influencers, celebrities, journalists, actors, models, motivational speakers, HUMANS. We have united to show the world that together our voice is STRONGER. Are you listening? HELP US. Help our home. Bolivia, Brazil, the Amazon need your help. Share, repost, tweet, DONATE. Do something!
@ismaelcala 🎥editing: @martina_taborga @xteban, @pariente.bolivia @escapaestudio

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  1. pilar alvarez says:

    Hola amigos: acabo de traducir directo del video que alguien me mandó. No sé cómo se titula, pero empieza así: “Estoy ardiendo”,,,etc. Espero que les sirva si es que no ha sido traducido aún.

    “I am burning; you are burning; we are all burning, and nobody is protecting us. News channels barely speak of this. In Bolivia the area of one football stadium burns per minute. In less than one week more than 1,235.526 acres have been burnt. In Rio de Janeiro the skies turned completely dark. Nature is mourning. All of the Amazon, the home of half of our planet’s species, the lungs of our world, are being destroyed [also Indonesia and the Congo]. It doesn’t matter where you are from, we are all connected, by nature, and by our common humanity. – Do you want to be part of our fight to protect our home? – Do something -use your voice -use your platforms -share, resend, retweet -contact governments -donate -do something -now. Our Planet needs us.”

    1. Thank you SO much dear Pilar!!!!

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