American Airlines dropping flights to Bolivia.

AP reports for Yahoo news, picture from the internet:

LA PAZ, Bolivia (AP) — American Airlines says it’s dropping service to Bolivia, joining several other international carriers that have recently left.

The airline says the three daily flights to Miami will halt on Nov. 27.

Airline spokesperson Luren Ruotolo says the step was taken for commercial reasons, to assure the company’s routes are profitable in a competitive market.

Most visitors arriving by air now must transfer in Lima, Peru.

Over the past five years, at least five other airlines have dropped operations in Bolivia. Analysts say that’s due to high costs and local favoritism for the state airline, Boliviana de Aviacion.

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2 thoughts on “American Airlines dropping flights to Bolivia.

    1. Lucky of you Richard, as you can choose, under the government of ochlocrat evo we have witnessed the closing of LAB, AeroSur who had better service. As for our need to travel, we Bolivians now for internal flights have to use Amaszonas or Ecojet. At this time we are fighting evo, so he can accept that he lost last Sunday’s election. We need to restore our Republic, so we don’t become a Venezuela.

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