Daily Archives: June 2, 2019

Bolivian health system reality under evo’s demagogue and incompetence!

evo is desperate to remain in power, and as such, the impossible candidate has recurred to “boosting” his illegitimate and illegal electoral campaign by offering health to all …

The striking reality is that the Bolivian health system has reached its all time low. This cartoon from El Diario [05/31/2019] portrays the collapse of the public health facilities: “this bed could support five people more, on top of each other …”

evo has sent to Cuba, a number of their fanatics, with the excuse of studying medicine but in fact receiving political indoctrination. After less time than the required to become a physician, with some knowledge at below paramedic standards, evo wanted them to replace real doctors and hence have a control of the resources he had to allocate to the governorates and municipalities, given decentralization of the health budget.

So far, evo’s attempts had backfired him. He cannot gain control to the expense of thousand of Bolivians who chose to believe in his demagogue.

We need to enforce the Referendum where we voted not to allow him to continue in the presidency. We need to clean up the house from the corrupt, inept government. evo needs to leave office and face trials for all his wrongdoings!