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Bolivia faces corruption and drug trafficking

Erbol reports for El Dia:

By wave of corruption and drug trafficking

Church watches tentacles in power

The expression was from the Archbishop of Santa Cruz, Monsignor Sergio Gualberti.

The Catholic Church observes that, in the midst of a growing social disintegration, the octopus and the tentacles of corruption and drug trafficking have spread to state institutions and considers urgent a series of reflection and examination of conscience to see where Bolivia is heading.

In his Sunday homily, the Archbishop of Santa Cruz, Monsignor Sergio Gualberti, was emphatic in saying that “there have been multiplied acts of physical, psychological and sexual violence within the family, the organized trafficking of people, the division of social sectors and of organizations, the lack of honesty of ethics and institutionality and the octopus of corruption and drug trafficking that with its tentacles have spread to state institutions.”

Poisoned climate. In recent months cases of corruption and drug trafficking have been uncovered involving state entities such as the Police. Recently, a former employee of the Beni Governorate was arrested for allegedly belonging to a clan dedicated to drug trafficking.

The Monsignor said that it seems that there is no longer space for the pursuit of the common good, understanding, rationality, listening and respect for others. He warned that everything moves by the particular interest with arrogance, confrontation and measurement of forces.

“This poisoned climate has a negative influence on this election campaign time, where different candidates devote their energies in discrediting, slandering and attacking other candidates instead of presenting their programs and discussing proposals in reciprocal respect,” he said.

He called for an examination of conscience to see where all this leads and where we want to go. “Will it not be time to stop looking at the other as an enemy and respect him in his dignity as a person?,” he questioned.

He asked if it will not also be the moment of tolerance, of reconciliation and unity, working together for the common good and creating dignified living conditions for the poor, abandoned and forgotten.