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Given evo’s disastrous harm to Bolivian Democracy: Manual for candidates

Humberto Vacaflor writes in El Diario:

Memories of the present

Manual for candidates

In view of the fact that the legitimate candidates, not vetoed by any referendum, are very quiet, surely elaborating their proposals, here are some ideas, which could serve, modestly.

• That the country will never again be governed by the representative of any illegal economic activity, for which it will not even be necessary to change the Constitution.

• That the presidents must have completed, at least, high school and are familiar with morals and ethics.

• That the institutions destroyed in these years will be fully restored.

• That the parliament will be endowed with the powers to dismiss, without appeal, the ruler who violates the Constitution, or who refuses to respect a referendum.

• That the judicial authorities are elected on their merits and not because they have been blessed by the sympathies of a political party.

• That the future president can not affiliate the country to any transnational organization, especially if it is linked to organized crime activities, unless authorized by a referendum.

• That the full right to private property be recognized, a principle in force throughout Western and Christian society since 500 BC.

• That freedom of expression will be respected, recognizing the validity of the Printing Law.

• That citizens have the right to full justice, with judges who come to office because of their merits and not because they belong to a political party.

• That the price of a medicine does not have 60% taxes, but 0%. (India and Brazil have released generic drugs.)

• That the state bureaucracy will be reduced to the minimum possible.

• That taxes be reduced to what is strictly necessary and not inflated to pay political bureaucracies.

• That the country does not continue being one of the first in tax pressure.

• That the payment of taxes does not force companies to hire personnel capable of coping with the heaviness of the system, the heaviest in the world, according to Doing Business of the World Bank.

• That to create a company it is not necessary to cover seventy conditions, as now.

• That exports will be released, at least while imports can not be controlled.

• That the country does not continue to be the one with the greatest difficulties for mining investment due to lack of legal guarantees, as the Fraser Institute says.

• That an educational reform designed in the XXI Century be applied and not in archaic principles, as applied now.

And other things, which surely the candidates will have taken into account.