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Bolivian government failed, lied regarding health service for all …

Pagina Siete reports:

They initiate “action of fulfillment” against the Government because of the SUS

The constitutional demand was presented yesterday in the TDJ of La Paz because the Ministry of Health does not comply with the agreement.

The Union of Medical and Allied Branches (Sirmes) presented yesterday in the Departmental Court of Justice (TDJ) of La Paz a “compliance action” against the Ministry of Health because that State portfolio did not honor its commitments for the implementation of the Sole Health Insurance (SUS).

“The agreement signed between the Departmental Government of La Paz and the Ministry of Health gives obligations to that state portfolio to provide infrastructure, items, equipment and medicines (to implement the SUS). At the moment, the health system no longer has space to serve more patients (…) They are signs that the Health Minister, Gabriela Montaño, is not interested in the people of La Paz,” said the representative of Sirmes, Fernando Romero.

He assured that if the lawsuit is admitted and a favorable ruling is reached, the Ministry of Health authorities will have 20 days to take measures and respond to requests to implement the SUS.

Romero said that the SUS “is an unviable political announcement by the Government,” which is not accompanied by works. He gave as an example the fact that at least five important units of medical centers are closed due to several deficiencies that are not addressed by the Ministry of Health.

Among the closed units, which prevent the SUS from being implemented, are the Intensive Therapy rooms of the Hospital del Tórax and the Oncology and Bacteriology units of the Hospital de Clínicas.


Bolivian Thoughts opinion: A “universal and free health system” as its logo displays … it turned out to be nothing more than cheap propaganda, a lie in times of presidential elections, where the impossible candidate wishes to remain in power. And of course we say NO more!