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Respect to the Bolivian Constitution!

An extremely truthful and opportune Editorial from El Diario, photos from the internet:

US Senate asks for respect to CPE of Bolivia

The Congress of the United States, since the achievement of its independence in the year 1776, has declared and fulfilled in as many opportunities there were, its decision to “ensure the validity of the rights of nations to live in peace and harmony, to have with the democratic governments that the people wish and respect the independence of the nations.” It is, then, within this framework that the Senate of the United States approved a resolution requesting the Bolivian government to respect and comply with the Political Constitution of the State, the constitutional limits for the presidential mandate in the country that only allows re-election by only once and also demands to fulfill the result of the Constitutional Referendum of 21F.

The document itself should not be considered as an interference in Bolivian politics and less so as to violate the sovereignty of Bolivia; it is a document that shows the concern of that high institution of the United States because democracy fully reigns not only in Bolivia but in all countries. The document is called “A resolution that supports democratic principles and standards in Bolivia and throughout Latin America.” Points out: “The Senate expresses concern about the efforts to avoid the limits of the presidential mandate in the Bolivian Constitution.” In addition, “it asks the Bolivian government to respect and, where necessary, restore the independence of the key electoral and governmental bodies and administer the October 2019 elections in compliance with international democratic norms and their own constitutional limits in presidential terms.”

The document, which contains several considerations, makes a historical review since the arrival in 2006 of President Morales, the approval of a new Constitution and takes into account that after 21F the President did not accept the result and attacked the media. communication and the opposition. In short, it can be said that the resolution of the United States Senate can not be described as interference in Bolivian politics and less as a “violation of its sovereignty” because if carefully read, is not offensive and is respectful and, in addition, It shows that that country and more specifically its Congress, always saw with concern what happened or happens normally in any country of the continent and even the world and have not been offended by it and, on the contrary, their people thanked the concepts expressed because only they defend democratic processes, the enforcement of laws and respect for human rights.

In Bolivia, apart from the president’s angry reaction, the legislature ruled against what the United States expressed and also considers what was stated in the document to be an interference, which also reflects many of the events that have taken place in Bolivia over the past thirteen years.