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The Electoral Tribunal causes distrust

Editorial from El Diario, graph below from an earlier post:

In the crisis of the political-governmental system that the country is going through, the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) and all the departmental apparatus of its dependence receive special notoriety, a crisis that is not the only one and is reflected in the Bolivian Police, in the Health, administration and socially. The TSE is the typical exponent of the exhaustion of the political cycle. There are even currents that see in the current electoral mechanism the repetition of sadly famous precedents.

In these 13 years it has not been possible to expect anything better in this field, since all the members of the TSE were elected by the two thirds of the Legislative party, although, at present, the electoral body seems to take pains to show its true committed dimension. It is appreciated that in compliance with official instructions, the TSE is preparing the necessary mechanisms to help the re-election of the binomial Morales Ayma-García Linera, starting with the departure of certain staff.

Accommodating to the criteria of the Executive, it began by defining the binding nature of the referendum of 21 F, discarding expectations that public opinion harbored for the placement of a milestone leading to curb reelection efforts. Using a manipulated law carried out primary elections, contradicting generalized criteria on the uselessness of them. So much so that the acronyms only presented a candidate before a squalid convocation, which became more evident in the masista militancy.

Now the TSE is consummating a sort of “depuration”, provoking resignations of technical and specialized personnel or dismissing directly dozens of officials, in the midst of an improper treatment of public servants with evident transgression of the current labor legislation. In particular, the chiefs of the area -of maximum confidence of the senior staff- did not save on qualifiers like “neoliberal,” “functional to the right,” “do not serve …,” etc., to induce them to quit, as denounced by the fired. Obviously, this language demonstrates the sectarian nature of it and, at the same time, that it is an organism nurtured by militants and close people to the MAS.

Among the most important who were let go are the Director of SERECI, dependent on the TSE, the Chief of Budgets, the similar position as Auditor and others. The vocal Antonio Costas has regretted this situation, while so far no public call is known to fill in the empty positions, a clear indication that the vacuum will be covered by pro-government militants because the decisions are made by a full body identified with the government. This actual composition make fears of a possible fraud for next October. There are opinions in the sense that the resignation of the current TSE would be the guarantee of a somewhat transparent choice for a healthy renewal of public powers.