Daily Archives: May 31, 2019

Witches’ Market declared heritage

Pagina Siete reports:

The Municipal Council of La Paz yesterday declared the La Paz Witches Market as the city’s cultural heritage. Yesterday was approved unanimously by the councilors present, the Municipal Law that declares intangible cultural heritage to that area of the city.

The rule, of three articles, mentions as components of the Witches’ Market the expertise and knowledge about the “tables” and Andean ritual offerings and the knowledge and ancestral knowledge of traditional Andean medicine, says a communiqué from the municipality.

It also refers to the “ritual exercise of Andean ritual specialists and Bolivian folk crafts, which is circumscribed to the streets of Juan Bautista Sagárnaga, José María Linares, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Melchor Jiménez and the atrium of the Basilica Menor of San Francisco,” details the note.

“The Witches Market is a significant site because it expresses an urban fabric, the result of the development of human activities and cultural imaginaries, which gives it a historical, cultural and social value,” says the report issued by the Directorate of Cultural Heritage of the commune.

Millenary beliefs, objects for Aymara rituals, Andean weavings, llama fetuses, exotic concoctions and millenary plants for treatments with natural medicine, are some of the products that attract hundreds of tourists who daily walk through the streets of the Witches’ Market.