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evo will not have 2/3 at the Congress due to corruption and drug trafficking

El Diario reports, pertaining excerpts follow:

MAS insists on totalitarianism

Núñez: Morales will not have 2/3 due to corruption and drug trafficking

For the President – candidate and leader of the cocalero, winning the general elections is not a problem, now the objective is to triumph with more than two thirds to dominate all the powers of the State. The opposition says that only with fraud can they achieve that goal.

For Evo Morales, who has governed Bolivia since January 2006, it is not a problem to achieve a new triumph. The president is sure he will remain in the presidential chair, the conflict now is to guarantee a victory with more than two thirds to continue dominating all the organs or powers of the State. However, from the opposition they replied that they will not be able to achieve their goal since over the 13 years of the MAS’s ongoing government, there are several corruption and drug trafficking scandals that Bolivians do not forget.

“The government of Evo Morales is desperate, because apart from being illegal his renomination, it is strongly questioned by acts of corruption and the penetration of drug trafficking into high spheres, the MAS is affected, the President himself has lost credibility and wants to believe that is strong,” said the head of the Democratic Unity (UD) bench in the Senate, Yerko Nuñez.

The purpose of the President is to put a “smoke screen” to make us believe he is just launching his political campaign, said the legislator, but in reality what is intended to divert attention from the scandals that are unveiled in high spheres of the state and damage the image of the country.

In the framework of the opening of the political rally, Evo Morales asked the National Coordinator for Change (Conalcam) to define the strategy to ensure that the MAS gets two thirds of the seats in the Legislative Assembly in this year’s general elections.

“We’re going to win the elections, that’s not a problem. The task is how we are going to win with two thirds, because we have to continue improving, improving. The debate is that. So what do we have to do to have as many assembly members in the Senate as in the Chamber of Deputies?”, he said at a public ceremony that took place in the Piñami area of the municipality of Quillacollo.

For Nuñez, the President wants two thirds to dispose of the other organs of the State, because nowadays “he uses them to defenestrate the opposition leaders” and the deputies and senators of the Movement Towards Socialism (MAS), all they want is perpetuate themselves in power without caring about the Constitution and laws, he said.

The only way for Evo Morales to achieve two thirds in the elections is through an electoral fraud endorsed by the members of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal, which enabled the current President despite the result of the Constitutional Referendum of February 21, 2016 and the Article 168 of the Political Constitution of the State.