Governor of Tarija says he will not allow oil exploration in Tariquía

ANF reports for Los Tiempos:

The governor of Tarija Adrián Oliva warned today that Tarija will not allow oil exploitation in the Tariquía National Flora and Fauna Reserve, a governmental intention that is questioned by the local community.

“The population of the department does not accept the oil exploitation in Tariquía, it will not be allowed, in the case of Tarija, the oil exploitation of Tariquía will not prosper, even though it is attempted to do it by force, because there is people that does not agree, and there are communities that are not going to allow oil exploitation,” said Oliva.

On March 21, the police violently intervened a blockade of Tariquía community members who oppose the exploitation, in order to enable the passage for the arrival of officials of the Ministry of Hydrocarbons, YPFB, the Environment and Water and other entities, who were going to participate in an event about hydrocarbons and activity in the region.

“It is better that we act in a transparent manner and that we do not commit the errors of the Oil Incentives Law, which with deceits was intended at the time, to impose decisions on the population,” Oliva stressed.

“Crafty previously consultation”

In the opinion of the Governor, the central government lost the opportunity to carry out an adequate consultation prior to the indigenous peoples of the sector, foreseen in the Political Constitution of the State, on this hydrocarbon task.

“They have lost the opportunity, there is a mechanism called consultation (prior). The query has been used in a tricky manner, the consultation has been used to call sectors that are not part of the reserve only because they were related to the government. In other cases, reserve actors are not called because they are contrary to exploitation,” he said.

Oliva believes that these attitudes are intended to play a game with the bribed referee, with the result already decisive. “And the only thing that is done is to use the consultation as a pretext to get to the drilling,” he said.

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