Senamhi declared hydrological alert

El Diario reports:


Due to the last rains that are registered in great part of the country, the National Service of Meteorology and Hydrology (Senamhi) launched a hydrological alert of red level by the probability of floods of several rivers that would affect regions of the east, the south of the country and the north of La Paz.

According to the weather forecast data, the red level hydrological alert is due to the constant rainfall caused by floods from the rivers of the Mamoré, Parapeti, Pilcomayo, Bermejo, Beni basins, among others, which threaten to flood fields of crops and river populations.

In the department of La Paz, the flooding of the tributaries of the Beni river basin could affect the Yungas, Larecaja, Franz Tamayo, Caranavi and the north of the department.

Department of Santa Cruz, west part of the Middle Basin of the Mamoré River, was declared on red alert, due to possible overflows in areas near the towns of Yapacaní, San Juan de Yapacaní, Plan 3000 and nearby communities.

The flood of the Piraí River is also noticeable, which would affect the villages of La Angostura, El Torno, La Guardia, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Montero and nearby communities.

In the case of the Cuenca, Parapeti River, it threatens to overflow levels in areas close to the towns of Camiri, Cuevo and nearby communities.

In the departments of Chuquisaca and Tarija, the middle and lower basins of the Pilcomayo River also threaten to affect the towns of Talula, Viña Quemada, Puente Aruma, Villamontes and nearby towns.

In the south of the country, the waters of the Cotagaita River reached great levels and threatened to hit the towns of Mosojllajta, Tupiza, San Juan del Oro, Chuquiago, El Puente and nearby towns.

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