evo’s delusional hatred placed Bolivia in the freezer

Floren Sanabria writes in El Diario:

Bolivia in the freezer

On the eve of elections in 2006, the US ambassador Manuel Rocha had expressed “do not vote for Evo Morales, if you do, you will not have the help of my government.” That unfortunate expression was taken very much into account by Morales for his resentment, and he implemented his revenge. Bolivia and the US suspended diplomatic relations at ambassadorial level on September 11, 2008, and on June 9, 2013, former US President Barack Obama placed his relations with Bolivia in “the freezer”.

Will the thaw subside? Morales in September 2008 expelled US Ambassador Philip Goldberg, for allegedly meddling in internal affairs. In this year, agents of the DEA were also expelled from the country, at the request of coca growers from the Chapare who enjoy broad guarantees and influence in the Government for their economic and political power. The presence of this surveillance personnel was considered an impediment to coca cultivation. The northern country collaborated through the Anti-Narcotics Office (NAS), but no longer wanted to intervene in the burning of large quantities of surplus coca.

In 2009, the International Cooperation Agency of the USA (USAID), which cooperated and financed alternative development programs, was evicted from Chapare and on May 10, 2013, the expulsion of this entity was announced. The United States regretted this decision of the Bolivian president and on October 2, 2013, USAID was definitively removed from Bolivia. On May 27, 2013, the US instructed that the NAS, which operated for 40 years, close its doors in Bolivia and thus closed a stage of aid in the fight against drug trafficking, an illegal activity that became aggrandized.

On November 18, 2017, the US Charge d’Affaires, Peter Brennan, was accused of having meetings with opposition politicians and had to leave the country.

The policy of Evo Morales was characterized in more than 12 years by announcing that it would not accept the country’s incorporation of the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the US, although the exporters expressed that they should recover the benefits they had with the Law of Andean Trade Promotion and Drug Eradication (ATPDEA), since Bolivia lost it in 2009 after a decision by the government of the north, because Bolivia did not reduce the surplus coca that goes to drug trafficking.

It is noted that the President in any meeting with social movements, peasant organizations, in assemblies, international forums, summits, conferences and others, without regard, refers with contempt, contemptuously, diplomatic relations with the US, although on the other hand there would be the purpose to re-establish relations, according to former Foreign Minister Choquehuanca.

However, in his fiery harangues he warns of his fear of the Donald Trump government and points to the Armed Forces being ideologically trained, so that they are respected by their intelligence, adopting a nationalist, anti-imperialist, anti-capitalist, anti-colonialist profile and been feared by the empire. Because of his hatred, on August 19, 2016, he created the Anti-Imperialist Military School in Santa Cruz, to face who, the empire? On January 6, 2014, he said: “We are not interested in relations with the US” and threatened to close the embassy. “My hand will not shake,” he said …

No doubt in Morales there is a deep political hatred, a marked antagonism, a chronic allergy to the power of the north, which takes into account the diatribes.

In short we will say that hatred awakens quarrels, is an unhealthy feeling that nests in weak-willed people, victims of complexes like envy, guilt or inferiority. Hate is a disease, it is the generally unjustified aversion that is exacerbated to inconceivable extremes, although it is also true, who hates suffers more than the victim of that uncontrollable feeling …

Ref: “Political hatred in Bolivia”, book by Floren Sanabria G.


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