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UDABOL’s honorary degrees casts shame on the academia!

Ridiculous and out-of-place and circumstance was the political sign this guy showed at such “ceremony,” this university is a total shame and insult to their students … nothing but cheap politics ….

This cartoon from Pagina Siete is self-explanatory:


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Pagina Siete reports:

Doctor honoris causa

The honorary doctor degree received by Vice President Álvaro García Linera of the University of Aquino Bolivia has generated a wave of criticism and even ridicule on social networks and some protest at the doors of the aforementioned study center.

Beyond the salt and pepper that netizens have put on this issue, it must be said that the doctor honoris causa is an honorary title for which there is no need to have a degree or a specific academic education. It is granted to people considered eminent in their respective areas. In fact, President Evo Morales has many doctorates and the Vice President himself has received similar degrees.

Given the precision, it can be said that the distinction should have no objections; however, what has unleashed these criticisms is the unethical behavior of the honoree who, on the one hand, was listed as a graduate in his official documents, and on the other it was known that he has barely completed more than half of his career. To this we must add the discursive incoherence in academic matters, especially when it is addressed to indigenous people and children.