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The cuisine of Bolivia and its good taste

Ivelisse Santos reports for El Caribe:

The cuisine of Bolivia and its good taste

The potato is one of the basic products of Bolivian cuisine. The country has more than 200 species.

The cuisine of Bolivia is known for its great variety of dishes, which differ from zone to zone. With indigenous and Spanish roots, transformed by miscegenation and the different historical moments that the country has experienced, Bolivian cuisine has added a wide range of dishes and recipes, which makes it varied, rich and differentiated.

The ingredients that this kitchen uses for its flavoring are very varied, but there are some that stand out in their preparations, such as potatoes, corn, fresh vegetables and top quality fruits; to offer the best dishes of its gastronomy. Native products such as Amazonian white cocoa, known as copoazú, and different types of meats also take center stage. It should be noted that within this kitchen the use of llama and quinoa (cereal) meat stands out, in innovative preparations that highlight the value of the products. Chairo is one of the main dishes that make up Bolivian gastronomy: a thick soup served very hot and with green locotos (peppers). La sajta, a spicy chicken stew with tunta (dried potato) overflowing with peanuts and chuño, is another of the popular dishes of this country, as well as charkecán, a dish made of llama meat made with corn on the pan, with boiled egg, pieces of cheese and potato with peel.

Also, the pickled chicken, the peanut soup and the silpancho (based on rice, potatoes, meat and fried eggs.) As for the drinks, the most popular is the chicha, an alcoholic beverage made with fermented corn and It has a high ranking, local beers and wines are also very popular.