Bolivia has the weakest passport in the region … “thanks” evo!

I went to the United Kingdom during the mid 90’s and had no need for visa. As well to other countries that now demand visa to us … so … what happened? Is it because the coca caudillo made the worst possible “friends” … Iran, Syria, Venezuela, Cuba and his demagogue and hate remarks over Capitalism, and the USA? His attitude and blooming narcotrafficking has generated this. A MAS acolyte tries to deflect this to the lack of airlines coming to Bolivia? what an absurd, pitiful excuse. Visas are demanded based on the danger that some countries display, in our case is narcotrafficking and demagogue “socialism,” and NOT whether an airline chooses to land here or not, this lame interpretation only highlights the ochlocracy that rules our lives for the last twelve years.

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Pagina Siete reports:

Bolivia has the weakest passport in the region

The opposition says that this has to do with a flaw in national diplomacy. “Bolivia is becoming increasingly isolated,” said legislator Lourdes Millares.

Bolivia is the country with the “weakest” passport in South America. The document only allows access to 79 countries, according to data from the legal services consultancy of citizenship Henley & Partners, which yesterday updated its famous ranking of passports.

This classification indicates which are the “most powerful” passports, depending on the number of countries to which their holders may enter without the need for a visa. The list is based on data from the International Air Transport Association (IATA), reinforced by an “internal investigation”.

According to the report, the best located country in the region is Chile, with access to 174 countries. In second place are the passports of Argentina and Brazil, which allow access to 170 countries. In third place is Uruguay, which allows entry to 154 States.

Bolivia is in the last place, in South America, with access to 79 countries. (More details in the attached infographic).

Lourdes Millares, deputy of Democratic Unity, considered that the result of the report has to do with a flaw in Bolivian diplomacy.

“Our passport should allow Bolivians to reach the last place in the world. Bolivia is isolating itself more and more, not only should work to create ideological links with other countries, but to obtain benefits,” said the legislator.

On the other hand, for Mireya Montaño, deputy of the MAS, the issue is related to the airlines. “The Ministry of Public Works should work on this issue to get us to the level of the conditions of airlines in other countries,” she said, although in fact this ranking is not related to the issue raised by Montaño.

The Japanese passport reached the first place in the ranking of the most “powerful in the world”, breaking the record of countries that can access without the need for a visa, with access to 189 nations.

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