Bolivian music and dance dictionary

Pagina Siete reports:

They present the Bolivian music and dance dictionary

Cover of the Encyclopedic Music and Dance Dictionary. Photo: Simón I. Patiño

The authors Ramiro Gutiérrez and Edwin Iván Gutiérrez will present on Thursday the 24th, the book Encyclopedic Dictionary of Traditional and Folk Music and Dance of Bolivia, which contains 1,400 words that are part of the scientific and artistic knowledge developed by 22 native indigenous peoples and mestizo population. The presentation will begin at 7:30 p.m., in the Simon I. Patiño Space Auditorium.

Of the total number of cards in the encyclopedic dictionary, 18 deal with construction centers, 707 with technical terms referring to Bolivian music and dance, 270 refer to musical instruments (scale, theme, context and musical form), 84 a national and foreign researchers, and 35 cards describe institutions dedicated to cultural activity, documentation or research.

Likewise, 50 are referred to musical groups, 117 are biographical notes of prominent Bolivian musicians, 76 records are about indigenous and folkloric dances of Bolivia, 35 about centers of music and dance training, and eight about the biography of Bolivian folk dance teachers.

The Oruro Carnival is also included in the dictionary with the information referring to the folkloric event and the mestizo population, including the dances that are presented, the description of the band’s music and folkloric rhythms. In addition to the synchronic and diachronic information, it identifies continuities, changes and dynamics.

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