The excellent good news of No Dakar through Bolivia!

We have wasted, every year the Dakar went by, more than five million dollars per year! When we have far more important and urgent needs in health and education. Now, that “easy” money is not at the reach of the coca caudillo, and after twelve years of irresponsible wasting of over $160 billion dollars, finally we stop wasting public funds for this irrelevant race to our needs.

The above opinion is solely made by Bolivian Thoughts, the picture below is from the internet that reflects this wasteful experience:

Pagina Siete rightfully reports:


The good news of No Dakar

The country received the good news that in 2019, the Bolivian soil will be free of the Dakar race.

This is good news because the country will stop spending four million dollars a year for the payment of a franchise of doubtful benefit, because environmental pollution will be avoided and because a race that has been rejected in other regions of the world will not tread on Bolivian soil in 2019

The Dakar had become, during the five years that it crossed the country, in a gigantic spectacle propitiated by the own president Evo Morales with the pretext of stimulating the tourism. In the case of Salar de Uyuni, where the rally happened, the benefits in that area are very doubtful, because foreigners who visit this natural beauty seek to get away from the noise and the show.

The last version of the rally in Bolivia was very troubled, because a mobilization had to be dispersed by force to allow the passage of the competitors and probably that element has been considered by the organizers not to include the country in the 2019 version. In any case, the No Dakar is welcomed.

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