Massive sinkhole swallow car in Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Photo is From El Deber. Excerpts pertaining Bolivia from The New Daily follow:

Massive sinkholes swallow cars in Italy, Bolivia

Meanwhile, two women have narrowly escaped death after their car plunged into an enormous sinkhole in Santa Cruz, Bolivia’s largest city.

The incident happened early in the morning on a major thoroughfare as the asphalt suddenly gave way beneath the passing vehicle.

Firefighters pulled the two women, aged 47 and 49, from their car and they were taken to a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

A leaking water main undetectable from the surface weakened the ground beneath the street, municipal Public Works Secretary Freddy Arauco told reporters.

To read the news in Spanish, please use the following link:

Bolivian Thoughts opinion: Couldn’t it be possible to install pressure check points throughout the water system? So, that appropriate maintenance can prevent this from happening again?

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