Daily Archives: February 14, 2018

evo was and is a humongous fraud to Bolivia!!

Twelve years with the most money we ever had as a country, twelve years of deception, waste of over $200 billion dollars!

Blooming corruption and narcotrafficking … evo is the worst president Bolivia ever had!

These cartoons reflect and summarize his accomplishments:

Here both “leaders” are noticing narcotraffick, corruption and smuggling

El Diario 11/13/2017

Here all the waste of the magnificent state-owned-companies/infrastructure conducted over the last 12 years by the honest authorities of the change

El Diario 1/26/2018

Finally, what is going on: this corrupt government that controls justice trying to appear that some corrupt people have ended in jail … however, NO MONEY was recovered!

El Diario 10/13/2017

Cartoons summarize how Bolivian public opinion feels about this egocentric coca caudillo!