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evo’s new master does as it pleases! Bolivian Labor and Environment under peril by China!

El Diario reports:

Chinese companies violate labor regulations in the country

Several Chinese companies were reported to the government authorities about the recurrent breach of labor laws in Bolivia by Chinese citizens. In many cases, such as the one in Chuquisaca, where Asian personnel have exercised violent actions against workers, the same applies to environmental preservation. According to research by the Center for Labor and Agrarian Development Studies (Cedla), the presence of transnational capital from China had been consolidated in the country given that it is the first bilateral credit creditor and the import supplier that sharpens the trade balance.

The news bulletin of the Bolivian Observatory of Employment and Social Security of the Center for the Study of Labor and Agrarian Development, Cedla, reported a violation of labor rights by two companies subcontracted by the Chinese consortium CAMC Engineering Co. Ltda (Constructora Mirkoro SRL). Dima-Log SCP Montajes), in August of 2017, and once again exposed the recurrent practice of Chinese companies in Bolivia of the trampling of workers’ rights and mockery of national labor laws, this time under the figure of subcontracting. [Bolivian Thoughts opinion: Let’s not forget the huge scandal where evo got involved, the influence peddling between him with Gabriela Zapata who was one of the senior executives of this firm in Bolivia, without a degree, without relevant experience …]

EL DIARIO sought to know the number of complaints received by the Ministry of the sector about workers who reported abuses and violence by Chinese companies, but the Communication Department said yesterday it did not know in detail the allegations, and that the Employment Directorate is the one that has the information, so an express authorization was necessary in this regard. [Bolivian Thoughts opinion: evo’s turned out be functional servant to the Chinese empire, thus government officials have no leverage to enforce our laws to the Chinese]


The same goes for environmental preservation. According to studies by Cedla, the presence of transnational capital from the Asian country had been consolidated in the country since it is the first bilateral credit creditor and the import supplier sharpening the trade balance. [Bolivian Thoughts opinion: our biodiversity is in peril, i.e. as the Chinese workers could care less but to satisfy their need for jaguar tusks that they take to China at high prices to detriment of our fauna, damn Chinese, while this government remains absurdly and suspiciously quiet!]

While highlighting the flexibility of Chinese credits, they also refer to their disadvantages economic experts and documents produced by universities in Europe and the United States, including the Inter-American Dialogue and the Global Economic Governance Initiative in Boston and the Washington Center for Inter-American Dialogue Studies .


An article by Andrés Oppenheimer, published in the New Herald, noted that the study of the Inter-American Dialogue and the Global Economic Governance Initiative at Boston University maintains that Chinese banks lent Latin American countries $22 billion until 2014, accumulating total loans of $119 billion dollars to the region since 2005.

Meanwhile in the document: The Chinese presence in Bolivia, why the interest in one of the smallest economic sectors in the region?, by Cedla, it was pointed out that the fall in savings, as a result of the decrease in prices of oil and minerals, led the Bolivian government to greater dependence on external financing from borrowing to boost investments.

To this must be added that the prices of raw materials, such as oil and minerals, in the international market, reduced the income of the State, therefore it also goes after external financing. [Bolivian Thoughts opinion: Loans that evo needs desperately to continue to misled his supporters, to buy “loyalties” so that his populist egocentric government remains in power. His alliances and friendship with countries like Syria, Libya, Cuba, Venezuela, Russia and China speak for themselves, he cares nothing about Bolivia but to his own interests]