Daily Archives: February 28, 2018

evo’s stupidity by adhering to China’s influence

This is the news that finally gave a figure, about the loans China is giving to evo, uncontrolled, without any supervision and with highly questionable results … one company stopped building the railroad in Chapare, another abandoned a road construction and nothing happens … is it because this “new” empire has evo in their pocket?!

The effect of the labor and environmental damage can be seen in this link

The following cartoons outline the wrongdoings of a delusional egocentric autocrat:

On top of the above, we are experiencing atrocious behavior from China. Labor workers have been consistently treated badly by the Chinese companies who came under the umbrella of the seven billion dollars loan. This cartoon is from Opinion, 02/14/2018:

This one shows the huge number of Chinese who came to Bolivia, no control whatsoever, no respect to our laws, let alone our biodiversity, since these workers arrived, species like our jaguars have suffered dearly. There were also allegations that this delusional government was going to accept China to send some of their prisoners to Bolivia, under what provisions or agreement?! There is nothing clear, just the Foreign Minister cartoon’s irrelevant performance says it all …