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evo is having a real hard time: Ex-magistrates liable to be prosecuted for prevarication

El Diario reports:

Ex-magistrates liable to be prosecuted for prevarication

Ex-judges of the Constitutional Court (TC) that enabled Evo Morales to an indefinite re-election, through the constitutional sentence 0084/2017 but that it was cited in a ruling two months before in the case of Focas, can be prosecuted under the offense of prevaricato, according to several opposition politicians and experts in Constitutional Law. [Bolivian Thoughts opinion: individuals in the photo have shown little respect, if any, to our Constitution and Laws, they just respond to the desires of the autocrat. Time and excuses are running out for the ochlocrat]

“An illegal handling of these sentences can be prosecuted for prevaricate, this is going to remain as an antecedent, they have tried to justify the unjustifiable and say that it was a finger mistake. Of course, people do not believe in this error and it shows that a sentence was being prepared in favor of Evo Morales,” explained Assemblyman Edwin Herrera.