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Evo’s sentence to the opposition, he only cares to remain in power … at ALL cost!

Bolivian Thoughts opinion: Does the world need more proof?! evo is nothing more than a delusional egomaniac autocrat!

Pagina Siete’s reflection:

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Evo’s sentence to the opposition

“By the strength of the people they will never be able to regain power again.” With these words, President Evo Morales issued a kind of sentence against those who reject his indefinite re-election and who he believes are the opponents of the old party system.

If they were the usual opponents, the President would probably be right to believe that they can not come to power. But, the president is wrong in believing that only they are opposed to his perpetuation in power. The citizen force is more powerful than the politicians and that can be seen, if the forecasts of the organizers are fulfilled, in the strike of this February 21 across the country.

The kind of sentence, in any case, shows concern about the correlation of forces in the country and shows a President expressing his most intimate desires as if they were irrefutable truths. It is preferable to believe that, than the president is thinking of staying in power by force. Our country needs agreements, respect for the rules of democracy and put the good of the country before personal political projects.