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They will ask the IACHR to invalidate the preposterous attempt to get evo re-elected

Bolivian Thoughts opinion: It is absolutely clear that Bolivia does not want evo to seek further nomination so he could continue holding power … the world is finally understanding the obscure intentions of this autocrat!

El Diario reports:

They will ask the IACHR to invalidate the re-election ruling of Evo Morales

Congressman Wilson Santamaría reported that next week they will file a lawsuit before the Inter-American Court of Human Rights to rule on the expulsion of the legal order of the Constitutional Court ruling on indefinite re-election, to limit the repostulation of President Evo Morales.

The legislator informed that the demand will be raised together with three of his colleagues. The document is ready and will be presented next Wednesday, digitally, to the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (Court-IDH).

In the formulation, they ask that this international organization provide that the Plurinational Constitutional Court take out from the legal system the 084/2017 ruling that the elected authorities can repostulate without limits.

They also request that they establish the validity of Article 168 because it has not been eliminated from the Political Constitution of the State, considering the forcefulness of the 21F Referendum and, finally, that it rule on Article 23 of the American Convention on Human Rights.

“It is a good moment for the Inter-American Court of Human Rights to make clear its position on the preferential rights to elect and be elected but not to be ‘re re elected,'” the legislator commented.

Former members of the TCP, shortly before its mandate is fulfilled, issued sentence 084/2017 in which they declare the preferential application of article 23 of the Pact of San José of Costa Rica on the Political Constitution of the State.

With this interpretation, they enabled President Evo Morales and other authorities to run “without limits” and in an “indefinite” manner, despite the fact that due to the results of the referendum on February 21, 2016, these authorities could no longer reapply in the 2019 elections. .


Congressmen of the MAS assured that the ruling in favor for the re-nomination of Evo Morales can not be annulled, at the most to see errors in a way that does not affect the substance of the problem.

The congressman Elmer Callejas (MAS) said there is no trial due to procedural fraud to annul the 0084/2017 ruling, worse to leave without effect because it has a lot of legal basis, taking into account the jurisprudence of international law.