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139 years of Chile’s aggression against Bolivian sovereignty

El Diario reports:

139 years of Chile’s aggression against national sovereignty

[Bolivia lost its maritime attributes and with that enormous development possibilities overseas]

139 years have passed when around 1,500 armed men of Chilean troops disembarked in the Bolivian Littoral, provoking fear among the population, especially women, who were subjected to all kinds of events that went unpunished.

The attack came at a terrible time for Bolivia, because an inclement drought in 1878 had generated shortages in the markets, famine, plague and great mortality.

A weak defense was organized in Calama under Ladislao Cabrera, with 150 men, most of them civilians, among whom Eduardo Avaroa, a merchant from San Pedro de Atacama who fought on the Topáter bridge, stood out. He died fighting like a brave man at 41 years of age, and whose phrase until today has become immortal for the Bolivian people when he harangued the Chilean troops who demanded his surrender: “Surrender me? let surrender your grandmother, you f… ers!!!”