Bolivia wants and will fight for free social networks despite the egocentric masista!

Pagina Siete reports:


Free social networks

Social networks are an important area of freedom in Bolivia, so the idea of MAS deputy Julio Huaraya to regulate its operation has caused alert.

For the sake of democracy, of the country and of the MAS itself, a day after the announcement, the pro-government bloc clarified that there is no bill in that sense and deputy Huaraya said, of course, that he had been distorted.


[pic from Los Tiempos, below one from the internet]

The truth is that the powerful MAS government has made several attempts and has expressed many wishes to modify the Printing Law and regulate social networks. These are two aspects that have become almost an obsession of the ruling party, which has not been able to materialize because its democratic attitude would be questioned.

On the other hand, the virtual community of Bolivia remains alert and in the face of any attempt, such as that of Huaraya, react angrily.

Although the government has not been able to regulate the networks, it invests significant amounts of money in trying to counteract the messages against the indefinite reelection of Evo Morales with positive messages from the government and negative against its opponents.

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