Bolivian government jeopardizes entrepreneurial activity, it remains stalled mainly due to its high incompetence!

El Diario reports:

Entrepreneurs are frustrated after a year and a half of dialogue

The president of the Confederation of Private Entrepreneurs of Bolivia (CEPB), Ronald Nostas, revealed last week the “fatigue” in several productive sectors due to the lack of agreements with the Government, which after some three thousand hours of dialogue and work in thematic tables, no results were achieved.

“Having a dialogue that has taken us more than a year and a half of joint work, 3 thousand hours of effort last year in meetings, this year 10 tables that have been defined as priorities following this dialogue (…). I think the sectors are beginning to wear out because we definitely do not see results, that is a reality, we continue to argue,” said the executive.

Nostas emphasized the openness to dialogue and the purposeful attitude of Economy Minister Mario Guillén and President Evo Morales in forming the Economic Productive Council, but said that reality shows that there are no results yet. [Bolivian Thoughts opinion: This is nothing more than brown-nosing … some entrepreneurs do not want to stir the waters, as long as they can survive … human nature? maybe but if we look at Cuba and/or Venezuela, we are following the same trend, the government is stalling until the private sector collapses and is replaced by the acolytes of the egocentric caudillo!]

The top executive of the businessmen pointed out that in a situation like the one that crosses the country, both the dialogue and the results must prevail because the private sector is determined to sustain the growth of the country.


In this regard, in business circles, it was commented, however, that the dialogue has made progress in terms of the Criminal Code after the visit by the presidents of the legislative chambers to the plenary of the guild.

However, these same sources indicated that the Government initially promised to facilitate the amending bills, regarding the Criminal, Civil and Commercial Code, among others, however, there would be resistance from the authorities to share the adjusted texts with the private ones. It was mentioned, for example, the Commercial Code that was approved by decree law by the then president, Hugo Banzer Suárez.


Other sources from the same private sector who requested a reservation recalled that it was the Minister of Justice, Héctor Arce, who paid a visit to the facilities of the Confederation of Private Employers of Bolivia (CEPB) three months ago, and promised delivery of the amending projects to these board members.


A senior official, after a meeting held at the Ministry of Economy more than a month ago, left the meeting and said that the team of Ministers of State frequently questioned the issues agreed with the board members, which also called for attention of several productive sectors whose work agenda could be seen without agreements translated into decrees.


In that context, the president of the National Tax Service (SIN), Mario Cazón, affirmed on October 12 to ANF that the president of the Confederation of Private Entrepreneurs of Bolivia (CEPB) speaks “no truths” on the issues tributary, when he says that there are many technical meetings and zero agreements. He said that results were achieved through the suspension of coercive measure and other demands of the private sector.

Bolivian Thoughts opinion: This governmental inability is no surprise. Ruling ochlocracy of the coca grower caudillo has succeeded in wasting over $160 billion dollars on useless, corrupt public infrastructure as well as failed state-owned companies.

So, there is no money coming from taxes, more loans are acquired from China and anarchy practically rules Bolivian economy.

Blooming narcotrafficking, topped with increased smuggling and illegal activities seriously undermine Bolivian private sector.

No single sustainable job was created under the rule of this egomaniac!

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