Blooming narcotrafficking under 11 years of government of the coca grower caudillo …

Pagina Siete reports:

29 kg of pure cocaine found in Cobija

The Special Force Against Drug Trafficking (FELCN) seized 29.5 kilos of cocaine hydrochloride under the Virtudes operation, which was carried out in the border town of Cobija, in Pando, said national director Santiago Delgadillo.

“FELCN, through the personnel of the Group of Intelligence of Special Operations, seized flagrantly a group of Peruvians and Bolivians who trafficked 29 kilos with 505 grams of hydrochloride, cocaine of high purity with destination Brazil,” he said.

Delgadillo explained that the band operated in the construction company Multiservicios Marcaled, whose property was sealed and confiscated.

Peruvians Carlos Hashimoto Domínguez, 49; Juan Gil Ruiz, 43; Fernando Ángeles Pena, 47; and Hermogenes Beraum Tolentino, 28; and Bolivians Maiken John Osaita, 31, and Pastor Roca Hurtado, 52, were placed at the disposal of the Attorney General’s Office.

Three motorcycles, a truck, three cell phones, documents, Bs1,270, $105 dollars and 29 reales (Brazilian currency) were seized in the operation. The prosecution is already in the case.

Bolivian Thoughts opinion: It is undeniable the fact that narcotrafficking has covered all our geography. We have witnessed towns in the high lands, valleys and tropics of Bolivia immersed in the smuggling of cocaine precursors and drug itself, nationwide … the slogan of the demagogue we have as president, sadly, makes sense: evo delivers!

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