Again! Bolivian gov’s ineptitude aims to put at risk business property … WTH!?

El Diario reports:

Legal standard puts at risk business property

• The private sector is in emergency due to the approval of the Social Enterprises bill in the Chamber of Deputies. CEPB President Ronald Nostas said that it is unacceptable and irrational to establish a legal causal when delay in the payment of services, wages and contributions to social security for three continuous months to wrest ownership of a company.

The private sector is in emergency due to the approval in the Chamber of Deputies of the Social Enterprises bill, the president of the Confederation of Private Employers of Bolivia, Ronald Nostas, who asked the Chamber of Senators for an urgent reconsideration of several articles of the aforementioned norm, especially the 4 and 7 to which he considered “means to confiscate private property and make unfeasible the opening of companies in the country.”

“It is such a big nonsense that shows the absolute ignorance and eventually the bad faith of the drafters of the rule, since it presupposes that delays in payments imply the abandonment of the company, when this problem can be due to multiple factors with which the Businessmen deal daily,” Nostas said.

For the business representative “it is intended to misrepresent the spirit and purpose of article 54 of the Political Constitution that at no time seeks to place the entrepreneur in a situation of such defenselessness and risk of ownership, as does the bill”.

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