More than 20 writers present their works

Pagina Siete reports:

More than 20 writers present their works

The program La Paz Reads will open the curtain with the presentation of more than 20 works, among short stories, poems and novels, by writers from La Paz, El Alto, Cochabamba, Oruro, Sucre and Potosí. The activity, which will be held today [04/21/2017] from 15:00, is held in commemoration of the International Book Day.

The meeting will be in the Plaza de las Culturas and El Prado promenade, where writers will read fragments of their creations, open discussion spaces and also put their books on sale.

Among the participants are some authors who will debut in the literary field, but also others who have been recognized as Daniel Averanga, winner of the Marcelo Quiroga Santa Cruz 2015 prize with the novel La Puerta.

This space responds to the initiative of the same authors, who formed an association of Bolivian writers that emerged in the Free Zone of Books, the Sunday Fair of Cultures.

“We have many expectations, we want this to be a celebration of the lyrics and try to see the reading to be happy, which is what we want to leave in this first initiative,” said Cristina Garrón, Technical Cultural Arts Management and Production Municipal Secretariat of Cultures.

La Paz Reads is an activity promoted by the Municipal Autonomous Government of La Paz to encourage reading.

We definitely need more of this!

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