Watch Out: Seedoro Ghost Bank in Santa Cruz

El Diario reports:

Denounced in the United Kingdom

Seedoro Ghost Bank in Santa Cruz

screen-shot-2016-11-21-at-10-56-28-amThe UK’s Financial Behavior Authority (FCA) warned their nationals that Seedoro, registered in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, is not authorized to offer financial services in Great Britain.

“This company is not authorized by us and is targeting people in the UK. Based on the information we have, we believe it is conducting regulated activities that require authorization,” says a statement issued this week by the FCA.


A report from the Supervisory Authority of the Financial System, with data as of October 31, said that 13 banking financial institutions operate in the country and the entity denounced in the United Kingdom by the FCA is not included.

According to the information of the British entity, the bank Seedoro is registered with address in Banzer avenue of Santa Cruz de la Sierra.

DAILY MAIL newspaper

Seedoro offers the British offshore investment services, credit cards, checking accounts and currency exchange operations, according to the Daily Mail newspaper.

According to this English publication, the registration number that Seedoro displays on its website is false.

The FCA warned the British that unauthorized signatures could involve crimes. “Some companies act without our authorization and some knowingly carry out investment scams.

Please be aware and share as we cannot indulge this type of scams!

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