Under ruling government: Doubtful “economic stability”

A very clear Editorial from El Diario:

Doubtful “economic stability”

El Diario logoThe economic stability of the country is a matter of great concern to citizens and while some say that it is “reinforced” and will last long, others less optimistic argue that it is more fragile than glass and will break on the short than the long run. Meanwhile, economists and analysts of world and national reality exposed criteria to have some certainty what will happen to this very common concept and which is a source the propagandists of the ruling party rely upon.

In this regard, first we should start from a main premise, that economic stability in colonial countries inevitably depends on the prices of the commodities they produce and export. If those prices are high (as in the last ten years), with the aforementioned security stability that exist. But if the prices of our export products, such as gas and some minerals, are low, the desired economic security does not exist, much less and, therefore, citizens find that the only truth to which we must adhere revolves around the price of raw materials. There is no other way to explain this issue.

During the past decade, gas, petroleum, tin, gold, silver and others had very high prices and, in some cases, six, eight and ten times more than in times of the so-called “neo-liberalism”. Those high prices led to the “boom” which saw the country and that the government decided to use it open handedly.

Moreover, the large income over that decade were not due to that there was increased domestic production. On the contrary, in some cases, production fell, but as prices were high the impression that the country was making was taken and we were in a period of prosperity or “good times”.

But at present, as the prices of raw materials collapse, we are (doing a little arithmetic) to a reality whereby falling prices of raw materials will inevitably come a time of economic crisis. Moreover, despite a host of arguments is invented and adopted various tricks, this danger is very possible and therefore propagandistic concepts will only be words and more words. As the lie has short legs, we find that despite the publicity, no “economic security” alone would be a fallacy, a product of mythomania towards perpetuation in power, with electoral purposes rather than sincerity about the truth.

In countries with single export and extractive as our policies and after the stage of “fat cows” was wasted, inexorably it falls to the opposite end, also with painful consequences not only for those responsible for this situation, but for the people as a whole. There is no economic stability when we depend on prices of raw materials and even less when prices subside. Meanwhile it is advisable to tell the truth.


Screen Shot 2016-01-16 at 7.56.11 AMThe only concern of the coca-grower president is to remain in power, no matter the cost!

This cartoon displays how he feels about it and how it really is!

The “shielded” economy the masistas like to brag about and the crude reality… naked as in “no measures were taken, thought nor ever envisioned” … it is just an ochlocracy in action… the reality looking after capitalist investors, crying out for help from international organizations like IADB, CEPAL and finally placing the country on sale!

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