Bolivia faces crisis on hydrocarbon production levels

El Diario reports:

According to analysts

Bolivia faces reserves’ crisis

Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 10.30.27 AMThe 2016-2020 National Development Plan proposes to increase hydrocarbon production levels, to mitigate “any reduction in international prices”, which was questioned by analysts Guillermo Torres and Marco Gandarillas, on the understanding that the country has no new fields and to discover them for further exploitation could take between seven to 10 years.

For Torres, who was former Minister of Mines and Hydrocarbons, in the absence of new gas fields and to have achieved full production of fields such as Margarita-Huacaya or Sabalo, at this moment “there is no possibility of increasing production.”

Meanwhile, the director of the Bolivia Center for Documentation and Information (Cedib), Marco Antonio Gandarillas, said there is a crisis of reserves that can assess the extent to increase the extraction of hydrocarbons as “unreasonable”.

The coca grower government is lost in its own nightmare… their relentless desire to remain in power has made them destroy our competitiveness. There have not been major investments in the sector, this government is not to be trusted!

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