Solid reasons to oppose Dakar happening in Bolivia, NO more!

A great awaited Editorial from Pagina Siete:

Reasons to oppose Dakar

Pagina Siete logoThese days concludes the 2016 Dakar Rally in Argentina, where it arrived last weekend, the winners will be announced and there will be assessment of the success of this competition … the success of the participants, because, as it has been established in the parallel debate that accompanied the competition, the balance of environmental, archaeological, paleontological and human damage caused by the passage of hundreds of vehicles, motorcycles, cuadratracks and heavy trucks by natural spaces is incalculable and irreversible.

Only the growing awareness of the population about the dangers that threaten the planet and humanity as a result of pollution caused by fuels and how they emit the gases are causing soil erosion and destruction of the atmosphere at an accelerated rate, complaints that had made it possible to expose the devastating consequences of this famous rally, to resonate.

Previous evidence provided by Unesco and the history of lawsuits and claims of environmental groups around the world were ignored repeatedly and only when the damage and climate impacts were evident, began to question the decision of national authorities to allow this event. Though while Peru, Chile and Ecuador have abandoned the risk to participate, Argentina and Bolivia remain among the nations that remain naive and irresponsible to argue the advantages of an event whose profits entertainment for fans and revenue from tourism do not keep any connection with intangible and tangible costs (such as the amount of solid waste left) and (such as pollution and property damage) it generates. On the effect of a Dakar cross country, and how this is in their international image, we would say that far from being valued, the gesture is about to be considered politically incorrect, especially because much of the world’s population has already assume that we cannot entertain any longer with what kills us.

So even if you have to appreciate the good intention with which the Bolivian government is seeking to give people a reason for joy and fun -at a time which obviously serves to its political promotion-, it is time to demand that such competences do not return to our country. The State has the obligation to inform and evaluate responsibly and in line with the goals of environmental protection to protect from the damage and consequences of this rally; to define a position on the matter and act accordingly.

A great challenge for a government who has done nothing , repeat, nothing to protect mother nature… pompous and melodramatic postures are only an empty discourse of the coca grower leader who functions as president…

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