Bolivia was filled with used cars

El Diario reports:

Bolivia was filled with used cars

Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 11.41.39 PMAccording to the Single Register for Municipal Tax Administration (RUAT) and the National Statistics Institute (INE), in 2013, the Bolivian fleet had a record of 1,326,833 vehicles, up by 9.95% than in 2012, when it reached 1,206,751 vehicles. Other official figures show that the national fleet would consist of 1.4 million cars.

“The private Bolivian fleet service was the most important, because, by 2013, had 1,213,762 vehicles, whereas, public transport, had 89,682 vehicles. The official service registered 23,389 vehicles,” according to the newspaper Digital Research Bolivia (PIEB).


The president of the National Customs of Bolivia (ANB), Marlene Ardaya, reported that light vehicles, 2013-2014 year models, that were not nationalized until December 31, must be re-exported to other countries, because since January 1, 2016 will not be able to enter the country.


Daza recommended to owners of private and public vehicles to carry out regular maintenance so that the Treasury saves on gasoline consumption is saved, and thereby air pollution will also be avoided, that plagues the citizens, he said.

“I hope that in future electric cars hit the country since the system uses lithium batteries which greatly favor the preservation of the environment and the health of the population,” said Daza.

What was not said, was that current government allowed thousands of used/junk vehicles to enter the country…. thus the pollution has worsened, the streets and roads are facing more accidents due to poorly maintained, unsafe vehicles.

The demagogue and incompetence to control smuggling activities is a clear result of this incompetent government that only wants to perpetuate in power…

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