Polls do not follow the desires of Evo

ANF reports in El Dia:


Polls do not follow the desires of Evo

NoAccording to a market survey and samples for Pagina Siete, held last December, 45% of the population would agree with the reelection of Morales and 53% reject his re-election. 2% did not respond.

In October, the company IPSOS showed the results of the vote, where Morales would win with 49% of the votes against 39% who would favor the No and 11% undecided.

However, last week the same polling conducted consultation for ATB network: “How would you agree that the CPE [constitution] be amended so that Evo Morales would be reelected again as President of Bolivia?”. The result in the cities of La Paz, Santa Cruz, Cochabamba and El Alto showed that 50% of respondents would disagree with that reform compared to 45% who claimed to agree. / ANF


After ten years where $150 billion dollars were wasted, with over 700 Bolivians that fled the country out of political persecution, rampant corruption, smuggling and narcotrafficking, we must say and VOTE NO!

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