Argentines debt to Bolivia, will they be the honored?

An exceptional Editorial from El Diario:

Argentines debt to Bolivia, will they be the honored?

El Diario logoIt has become a custom that in times of Argentine economic crisis, they bounce on our country due to the excessive accumulation of debts owed to us; the trouble is that, generally, our governments are convinced with promises of “pay as and with whatever”; Thus, it has received the “Hane” carts (80) which cost many millions of dollars, but the worst is that these carts, of ordinary, poorly manufactured, used mostly, not served in our country and, scrap, were dumped in the High Plains region or part of them did not even entered the country.

Another typical example was also delivering “agricultural machinery” that also did not served; so, there would be many examples that show, on the one hand the liveliness of the Argentine negotiators and other naivety and irresponsibility of Bolivian authorities that allowed the “joke”. Now, unfortunately, it seems that due to the “default” or moratorium that that country suffers will happen the same. Argentina would be in hopes that Bolivia will comply with the delivery of 27.7 million m3d originally committed and that they would build a pipeline, at a cost of several hundred million dollars and that due to the crisis can not be met; on the other hand, Argentina, does not rely on the possible gas reserves of Bolivia, they have rejected the construction of the pipeline. Finally, given the prices of gas, nor is there any appeal to complete the quota of 27.7 million m3d.

The strange thing is that if Argentina wants to be complying with the sale of 10 more m3d million, which could not afford them, their demands would result in us being charged amounts of the price of undelivered gas and also a fine of 15%. Argentina, then, will play it safe; but, in return, they owe us many billions of dollars for gas sales and, repeating old deeds, they offered to pay us with agricultural machinery, offer that did not materialize either.

The seriousness of this situation is that there is no clarity in business with the brother country, it is understood, it should act with greater responsibility with Bolivia; but perhaps because they know that since there are no accurate reports on sales of gas and less on payments moratorium would be in, there is a kind of joy in waiting to see what becomes. The mystery of the accounts with Argentina should end, especially because there will be a new government that will not want to “wash their hands with regard to business with Bolivia” since they are also”Kirchner” business-style.

It is therefore, that the Government should properly inform about this case, and that is troubling; knowing the truth will be good not only for us Bolivians but also for the interest of the Argentine authorities themselves.

I never liked the cheap discourse about Latin-American brethren. Countries like Argentina most of the times looked down on to us. They forgot we bled to help them win their independence, we managed to keep the Spanish armies up here so they could win their freedom…

I like this editorial because it shows that Argentine never paid their debt to us… they use us to their convenience, they patronize us… Bolivians should always remember this. There are a bunch of us living and producing in that country and yet, they are discriminated and bad mouthed.

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