The García Márquez [Colombian award] on stories was taken by Bolivian Magela Baudoin

Adhemar Manjon reports for El Deber:

The García Márquez [award] on stories was taken by Magela Baudoin

Bolivian writer won yesterday the II Hispano Story Prize – Gabriel García Márquez for her book: Salt Composition (Plural).

Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 9.47.56 AMA great year-end for the Bolivian literature writer Magela Baudoin, who was declared winner of the II Hispano Story Prize Gabriel García Márquez for her book The composition of salt (Plural), worth $100,000 dollars plus the possibility that her work will be distributed in the 1,400 libraries in Colombia.

The jury of the contest, organized by the Colombian Ministry of Culture, was announced yesterday in the Columbus, Bogota theater. In her first statement to the media in the coffee country, Baudoin said she was very proud of being there and being the winner. “For the great heritage of Garcia Marquez, who was a gateway to literature. I loved it from the beginning.

This you do in the libraries is a big and inspiring thing. I’ll take it to Bolivia, so that some day libraries will be created in my country. I am also proud to be here with my fellow finalists. This award is for you, too,” said Baudoin, who along with the other four finalists (the Ecuadorian Gabriela German, Carlos Arámbulo Peruvian, Chilean Mauricio Electorat and Mexican Juan Villoro) was in Colombia since Monday [11/23/2015], participating in various literary activities, while awaiting the ruling.


The composition of salt is the first storybook by Magela, which last year won the National Novel Prize of Bolivia with her first book of this kind, the sound of the H. Earlier in 2010, she published the book Side Women profiles (Plural).

Bolivian writer Giovanna Rivero told El Deber,that Magela’s triumph is very important for everyone because [she] thinks it ends of abolishing the harmful idea that our literary production, with which participated in the representation of the world has no place in the international circuits.

“It also confirms the old truth that we should never detach: hard work and absolute commitment to the art itself never betray. Magela has surrendered to a deep search of her literary ways and that search has responded. Now, let’s read her carefully, that’s the way to celebrate it! “Said Rivero, who along with the Santa Cruz author, Liliana Colanzi, also won major awards last month.

I welcome Magela Baudoin to The Hall of Bolivian Fame!

Follows more link about her success, in Spanish… sorry

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