Bolivian Entrepreneurship conditions greater investments

El Diario reports:

Entrepreneurship conditions greater investments

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 8.18.27 AMThe Bolivian businessman welcomes the announcement of the Government to increase public investment, but demanded conditions for private parties to raise its stake through the injection of fresh capital into the national economy. Ronald Nostas, president of the Confederation of Private Entrepreneurs of Bolivia [CEPB], said the sector is ready to invest more if conditions improve.


The new leadership of the Confederation of Private Entrepreneurs of Bolivia began to approach the Government to enter into a dialogue about the rules and laws that are missing to accelerate the dynamism of the national economy. A first step taken was to observe four topics of the Arbitration and Conciliation project; therefore formally requested a hearing from government representatives to exchange opinions.

Nostas declined to identify the observations, since first he said he hopes to meet with the public sector to exchange views. “I do not want to get ahead, first we will meet with the government, we expect the call,” said the leader of entrepreneurs.


The business sector regret the adoption of higher salary increase than the inflation in 2014, which closed at 5.19 percent, but said they will abide by the provision. He argued that in future decisions in this area, private should be taken into account.


The leader stressed the danger of closing small businesses, since the social burden increased operating costs. Also the determination forced the entrepreneurs to analyze their investments due to the imposed social measures; Double Christmas bonus payment that caused conflicting arguments and uncertainty within the business community.


Moreover, the leader of entrepreneurs said that they submitted proposals to improve the investment climate in the country.

The business approach aims to increase the injection of capital into the domestic economy.

Rather than conditioning, I would say that the entrepreneurs ask for the minimum acceptable public policies, otherwise we will end up like Venezuela… no production, scarcity and importing everything.

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