History: Treaty about Bolivian and Brazilian ports

Severo Cruz writes in El Diario:

Treaty on Bolivian – Brazilian ports

Severo CruzFriendly countries, large and small, far and near, reiterated to Bolivia, the unconditional friendship, cooperation purposes and feelings of solidarity through bilateral agreements signed, timely, shortly after being marked its political independence. Attitudes that are duly registered in the annals of diplomatic history.

Bolivia, walking step by step to consolidate their new status of Republic on a large territory which offered huge amounts of natural, renewable and nonrenewable resources, gratefully accepted such displays of affection, from the international community.

Consequently, Bolivia, in its commitments with friendly countries before the 1879 conflict were to arise, it was in line with its maritime quality that is translated by a free and sovereign access to the Pacific Ocean, something that was duly taken into account then.

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 8.33.37 AMIn this framework the Republic of Bolivia and the Empire of Brazil signed the Treaty of Friendship, Navigation, Commerce and Extradition of XXX items, as of March 27, 1867, in the city of La Paz of Ayacucho. The respective document was signed by Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bolivia, Dr. Mariano Donato Muñoz, for the Republic of Bolivia, and Minister Plenipotentiary at Large, for the Empire of Brazil, Dr. Felipe Lopez Netto.

The treaty, which was signed about 148 years ago, refers in one way or another, to a diplomatic rapprochement of two countries with maritime quality, ie with Bolivia and Brazil to the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean. And considering these elements, this document highlights, Articles XII and XIII, as follows: “The boats will trade on Bolivian and Brazilian ports; No fee shall be charged, if the entry had been caused by force majeure; each government will indicate places where they can communicate on land to repair damage; passengers can not land in those places.”

This is a sign that the Empire of Brazil, one of the “giants” of Latin America, knew it was in diplomatic negotiations with a small, poor and chaotic Bolivia, but determined to honor its commitments to friendly countries.

“There will be perfect peace, firm and sincere friendship between the Republic of Bolivia and its citizens, and His Majesty the Emperor of Brazil, its successors and subjects, in every sense of their territories and possessions,” says Article I.

That “sincere friendship”, ratified by our ancestors through diplomatic agreements, still governs the relations Bolivia – Brazil, widening therefore the channels of understanding, tolerance and cooperation for the common good.

In short, the Bolivian friendship – Brazilian endure in time and space, to the benefit of both countries.


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