Gian-Carla Tisera: The Bolivian who conquered New York with a Tinku opera

Milen Saavedra reports for Pagina Siete:


The Bolivian who conquered New York with a Tinku opera

The artist remembers the beginning of her career and motivation to explore the fusion of Bolivian rhythms with classical music.

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 5.08.21 PMSix years ago the singer and Bolivian composer Gian-Carla Tisera moved to the US to study a BA and MA in opera.

However, she realized that classical music was not her only passion and undertook the challenge to record an album that fuses opera with folk rhythms; one of those issues was Lady Chichera.

Without thinking, that proposal has conquered audiences in New York and was shortlisted for the Grammy Awards.

“Lady Chichera, the Tinku merger with opera, fascinated in the United States, especially the video has scenes from Bolivia,” she says.

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 5.08.53 PMTisera discovered her passion for music at age four, when she began studying piano. Then, slowly, she met other genres through her relatives.

“I was traveling the countryside with my grandparents and saw what was the folklore and loved it. But since I was four years old, I was trained in classical music and that’s what I knew. While listening at home Latin American music and tango, my grandfather loved the tango and boleros” she says.

But fate directed toward the operatic singing. “The first time I heard an opera, I was nine, I loved it and began to imitate sounds,” she laughs. Then, her talent was discovered by one of her teachers who advised her mother to change the piano for singing.

“A teacher told my mom that I should not be playing piano, but should be a singer because I had a lot of talent.

She said that the piano was a waste of time. “Then I continued in lyrical singing because I loved the theater,” she says.

After finishing school, Tisera moved to the United States and studied BA and MA in Opera. She sang with the Los Angeles Philharmonic, the National Symphony Orchestra of Bolivia, Pasadena Symphony, New Jersey Opera, Metropolis Opera and Di Capo Opera in New York, among others.

Then, for five years, participated in world tours of the Bolivian Baroque project.

In 2008 she decided to further boost her career and moved to New York. “But after three years, I started to get bored of the opera, but it was and is my passion, because I did not have my own voice, was a puppet, basically did what they said to me,” she confesses.

She adds that this limitation prevented her explore her other passions such as dancing, Bolivian and Latin American folk music and also other genres like jazz. “In New York, I noticed that there were many musicians and artists who were making new beautiful things,” she says.

She decided to find her own style through a proposal that fuses all her musical passions.

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 5.09.14 PMThe result of this search is reflected in its first production Nora the Beauty (2012).

The album was promoted with the song of the same name and was successful in the United States. The proposal also includes influences from chacarera, Cuban, Afro-Caribbean music and the cueca Lejanía, composed by Tisera.

To date, she is visiting several cities to present her album, but says she came to do music fusion, not classical music. Her next presentation will be today [12/04/2014] at 19:00 at the Teatro Municipal Alberto Saavedra Pérez.

“I am an opera singer but now my music is lyrical. When they say I’m soprano, people get confused and think it is a concert of classical music. I want more people to come to the presentations,” says Gian-Carla.


Life. She was born in Cochabamba in 1981.

Studies. She studied at the Institute Eduardo Laredo. Her BA and MA in Opera are from the University of Southern California.

Without a doubt, Gian-Carla belongs to The Hall of Bolivian Fame!

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