90 seized hides were destroyed!

Carmela Delgado reports for El Deber:


90 seized hides were destroyed

The market value of the destroyed hides is $20,000 dollars.

2014-09-13 08.30.12 amThe Secretariat of Environment and Sustainable Development of the Governorate proceeded to destroy 90 skins of wild animals, which were seized in June at a craft store in the cruceña capital, Santa Cruz.

All this was done in the presence of the Prosecutor and pursuant to Supreme Decree No. 22641. Among the skins were seized jaguar, ocelot, rattlesnakes, boa, sicurí, skunk, cougar, alligator and capiguara.

Fiscal Margoth Vargas said that for this illegal activity, detainees have been brought before a judge. The prosecutor said a leather of a wild animal is sold at $500 “They kill endangered animals,” she said noting that the rule should tighten sanctions more.

For his part, Manlio Roca, Secretary of Environment and Sustainable Development of the Governors Office, reported that these operations were made jointly with the Public Ministry, the Forestry and Environmental Police to proceed with the destruction of hides of different animal species. After the destruction of the hides, the remains were transferred to Normandy to be buried.

Roca said the commercial value of confiscated hides reaches on average about $20,000 dollars.

It works in preventing

The departmental secretary also indicated that they are working on environmental education. In addition, working with schools and municipalities to prevent further killing of animals that are endangered.


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