Why a Professional Association needs to remain apolitical

2014-07-13 10.29.20 amIt was certainly a surprise that the current Board of the Economist Association of Santa Cruz had given a “recognition” to the coca-grower leader who also functions as current president of Bolivia.

Here goes attached, a necessary response to the attempt to “justify” the current president of the Economists’ disclaimer/defense.

No Association of Professionals should EVER give any distinction based on political alignment. Even more, current Bolivian president was openly against professional associations, created a new Lawyers’ association just to break the unity of the legally established institution. He is a person that “just do things” and then order “his” lawyers to amend, arrange laws and norms to adjust to his rulings.

With regard to any professional association, as its name rightfully suggest is an association of professionals, to discuss to give guidance on its profession. What the current board did was to grant a “recognition” that is political in nature. How could it be conceived that “this” ochlocracy deserve such recognition? the prices on our commodities are set internationally, there was a loan forgiveness from all bilateral and multilateral donors, a process that started over 15 years ago, when this government was absolutely null in all sense.

2014-07-13 10.28.01 amCurrent president of the economists of Santa Cruz wrote back to economist Teofilo Caballero Viera, I think is important to read Caballero’s reply, to understand better that this Economist Association should have NEVER given such “recognition”.

To read the letter of Lic. Caballero, please use this link: CARTA ABIERTA II COL ECO 12-07-2014.

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