Under the presidency of the coca grower: Bonanza, waste and poverty

Wilfredo Ramirez writes in El Diario:

Bonanza, waste and poverty

Wilfredo RamirezAfter 9 years in power, the plurinational Government was unable to correct its deficiencies. By their nonsense or “gaffes” that blush Bolivian society and seriously compromise its administration, the ship of state runs the risk of capsize at any moment, before continuing social conflict of major proportions and unforeseeable consequences (strikes, hunger strikes, blockades, marches, attacks on private property, making companies, drug trafficking, corruption, “confused” offenders, etc.).

These, from debauchery, despicable attitudes undermine in any way the social, economic stability, political of the country, which is attributable to the bad advice of his palatial surroundings and the delusions of grandeur of the shift boss, by the careless and wasteful management [and use of the] monies of the Bolivian people.


The economic prosperity of the country is not the efforts of multinational government unless the industrial development of the country (industries are paralyzed by lack of energy, as in the case of Mutún, cement, etc.) And is mainly due to the neoliberal Hydrocarbons Law No. 3,058 of 05/17/2005, which provides 18% royalties and 32% of direct tax on hydrocarbons (IDH), making a total of 50% for the state and 50% are companies oil by the concept of “sunk costs” and the distribution of profits, etc.

Moreover due to high international prices for gas, oil, minerals and other exports, and finally to increased export volumes of gas to Argentina and Brazil (neoliberal policy of exporting raw materials).


Related to agricultural production institutions in Bolivia say there is no food sovereignty, because agricultural production is insufficient, spends millions of dollars importing thousands of tons of food. And as if this were not enough food shortages, the government had the nerve to give away thousands of tons of rice to Venezuela, Cuba and Haiti. In anticipation, we quote Article 112 of the Constitution of the State: “The crimes committed by public servants who violate government property and cause serious economic damage are inalienable and does not allow a regime of immunity.”


Despite the extreme poverty of the majority of citizens, the government has been making millionaire multinational expenditures (no fiscal control or competitive bidding) on ​​goods and services that are not critical to the impoverished Bolivian people to acquire a satellite, aircraft, helicopters adjacent to the Government House grounds, vehicles and hotel for COB [worker union leaders], vehicles for the mining cooperatives, etc. Another case that the national press records (ED, 06/05/2014, JLC) is related to the special expenditure for (political party) G-77 plus China. Cares about their characteristics, by having a special budget to pay travel and per diem delegates to come to the meeting, but “it is unprecedented that the host country and pay all their expenses and no country ever made so far in the 50 years History of the group”, etc.

The question arises: Is the G-77 plus China going to solve the most pressing social problems, such as extreme poverty of the countries?

In conclusion, the Government should reconsider and improve their behavior for the good of the country, otherwise we will continue sailing without compass or rudder, with a destination only known by God.


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