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Continues the exodus of Bolivians due to lack of employment

An Editorial from El Diario:

Exodus of Bolivians due to lack of employment

El Diario logoAccording to the disaggregated data on population and housing of the 2012 census, a total of 487 thousand people Bolivian nationals left the country between 2001 and 2012, adding to the millions who are already living in other countries. The figure is significant when you consider that we are a very deserted and with a very large potential country territory.

The causes are varied, but in any case, the main one is the lack of work or employment in the country and this is due almost exclusively to the absence of sources of wealth to create jobs. Much of this exodus of young people who have searched for other countries to continue their studies and, in many cases, achieve accommodation in jobs that allow them to solve the achievement of a profession.

The economic and financial conditions of many families have been very common cause for intact families are divided because the husband and father must leave his own after getting a job that allows him to meet their needs. Most migrants is made by people between 18 and 35 who include professionals trained in our universities, but, for lack of employment, have been forced to emigrate.

The case of migrants to Europe increased greatly in recent years by the conditions of life and work that is offered, but in general, for those who have abandoned their families to achieve a better life, not always about the quality of work, or the conditions under which the treatment of host countries’ lives are most appropriate; in most cases is concealed or subtract the poor living conditions just to avoid family troubles. What is most important for achieving wages which can overcome his life and in most cases, to ensure surplus funds to send to the family.

Little, little is done at home to remedy this situation; on the contrary, migrants numbering several million, the case of those who have been forced to leave the country, have brought their families not only in achieving employment, but to have added security that, often for political reasons, are not found in the country.

The drama is larger, while there are no laws that allow companies to be created, that generate wealth and employment, while there is no investment law with due process of law and that the conditions exist for human and technological capital to be productive and generator of goods to allow a diversified economy. In all of this very important work, the government should abandon policies that impede the work of productive enterprises. It should, moreover, regardless of passing laws, to seek support to whatever generates wealth and employment.


I went to the US to study when universities were closed tight after the Garcia Meza’s coup d’état, early 80s. Over 70% of the Bolivians I met back then, never came back. Of course, our families paid the education but that majority stayed to contribute in the American economy. A loss to our country.

Over the last ten years, news about family problems of those migrants who send millions of dollars became more evident. There may be money at the table but split families do not benefit of the family life, children and teenagers grow with the more expensive Playstation and cell phones but do not receive love and care from one of their parents.

Migrants return with their savings and are taxed by the government over the wealth that this government had nothing to do. Sometimes these migrants are scammed and lose their money overnight. Some also face dead as their children’s friends murdered them. A nightmare for those brave Bolivians, my respect and admiration to ALL of them!